Understanding your Eating

UNDERSTANDING YOUR EATING (for emotional eaters) – An educational programme consisting of 6 sessions (one-to-one weekly) to help you understand what is driving you to eat when you know, or suspect, that food is not what you really need. 

Everyone eats for emotional reasons at times. Most of us can remember a scene in a movie where a heartbroken character (usually a woman) is sobbing into a half-eaten tub of ice-cream while her friends attempt to comfort her. Those are feelings and behaviours most of us can relate to. 

We also eat for emotional reasons when we celebrate religious festivals, marriages or birthdays and emotions are often the driver behind what we choose to eat at regular mealtimes. If you are feeling cold and tired after a hard day at work and a long drive home in the snow, for instance, you will probably choose a warm comforting bowl of soup or a hot meal, rather than a salad followed by ice cream – and on a hot, humid day in Summer you would most likely choose the opposite. 

However, if you find yourself regularly eating to numb or push away unwanted emotions, such as boredom, loneliness, sadness, anger, frustration and anxiety, or possibly emotions you aren’t even aware of or don’t understand, this programme is for you. 

It’s ideal if you’re seeking clarity on why you might be using food in this way, but you don’t want to explore too deeply into your beliefs and values at this point.  Although you may wish to continue your journey with deeper work in the future, this course could be all you need to make some very positive, life-enhancing changes.


In this programme we will cover: 

  • Emotional eating and the language of feelings
  • Managing emotions
  • Self Esteem
  • Body Esteem
  • Relationships & emotional support


YOUR INVESTMENT: £425 (or three payments of £155)