Hypnotherapy Packages


If you want to change your relationship with food and your body, but you’ve never tried coaching or hypnotherapy so you’re not sure about committing to a longer-term programme, my Kick Start package is the one for you.

It does ‘what it says on the tin’. You commit to just four 60 minute sessions of coaching and hypnotherapy to give you a kick start on your journey to food and body freedom. Together we will get you moving in whatever direction you want to go and, if you decide that’s all you need, you can ‘ride off into the sunset’.

However, if you’re feeling motivated to continue your journey with me, there is an added bonus! With the Kick Start package, you will receive a discount on one of my 12-session or 8-session programmes:

£100 off the full price of ‘Free to be You’ OR £70 off the full price of ‘Food Freedom & Body Comfort’

If you’re not quite ready to continue at this point, you have up to twelve months to use your discount against a future investment in either of these programmes. 


Four sessions – each session is 60 minutes.


FOOD FREEDOM & BODY COMFORT – 8 sessions of hypnotherapy and coaching, usually weekly or fortnightly.

This programme is ideal for you if you’ve become uncomfortable in your body in recent years, possibly because of a change in life circumstances or some newly acquired, unhelpful habits. You may have got married or divorced, lost someone close, recently had a baby, been going through menopause, been having a stressful time at work, moving home or living through a global pandemic.  Life has changed, your habits have changed, and your body has changed. You don’t feel as good as you used to, inside or out, but you’re tired of diets that don’t work and you’re worried about the impact these physical and emotional changes may have on your future health and happiness.

This is a structured programme but I know  that everyone is unique so we will work towards whatever goals you set for yourself. The following topics are the ones that my clients generally find the most helpful, but if any of these are not applicable in your situation, or if there is something you want to address that isn’t listed here, the programme will be tailored to your specific needs.

  1. Emotional eating
  2. Stress management
  3. Self-care
  4. Self and body-esteem
  5. Mindful living and eating
  6. Self-sabotage
  7. Motivation to move
  8. Self-Hypnosis

    YOUR INVESTMENT:  £1,185 (or three payments of £445)

    Each session is 90 minutes.

    Please note: If you have a long history of yoyo dieting or disordered eating this programme is not suitable for you and I would recommend my “Free to be You” Programme instead.